UVV - Testing and training

Testing for your safety

To ensure your operations are running properly, you are required to deliver staff training at regular intervals on the one hand, and on the other hand to subject your operating materials to various controls and checks in accordance with applicable accident prevention (UVV) provisions.
Our qualified expert staff are happy to provide you with the following training courses and checks:

Training for forklift trucks (BGG 925) and cranes (BGG 921)

Basic training, further training and annual instruction in forklift truck/crane operating in accordance with BG provisions. You can choose for training to take place at your production site, or in our modern training facilities.

UVV testing (BGR 500 lifting equipment) DGUV R100-500

All lifting and load attachment devices used for hoisting operations must be tested at least once per year in accordance with applicable accident prevention provisions (UVV) DGUV R100-500. If testing is not carried out, you risk both the health of your employees, and your insurance protection. We carry out tests regardless of type & manufacturer, and manage your deadlines and test reports.

UVV test (BGV D6 Krane) DGUV V52

Our service engineers and cranes experts carry out UVV tests and maintenance on the basis of legal stipulations and trade association provisions DGUV V52 (BGV D6).
Condition and test reports are supplemented with manufacturers’ notes and experience from our own crane operations, and provide you with information for safe and reliable continued operation. Regular inspection highlights any defects in good time and prevents down-time you have not prepared for.

Electrical equipment (BGV A3) DGUV V3

Pursuant to DGUV V3, portable equipment such as your production machines, electrical tools and office equipment are subject to a mandatory annually recurring test. The test intervals and scope of the controls must also comply with the trade association and DIN VDE 0701-0702 provisions.
Our qualified experts use only calibrated measuring technology to conduct equipment tests – on request, we can also test your equipment outside or core working hours, or at weekends.

UVV test (BGV D27 forklift truck) DGUV V68

As an operator, you are obliged to have forklift trucks and their accessories and safety equipment tested annually by an expert in accordance with DGUV V68 (BGV D 27) and to provide evidence of this testing.
We are happy to perform these tests for you. You will receive a detailed test report for your records – in both written and digital form. On request we can carry out repairs and maintenance, regardless of make and model.
We are happy to advise you personally in full detail. Get in touch.