Special and heavy transport

Heavyweight in Europe-wide special transport

At Hess, we are used to moving extremely heavy and over-sized items every day. From scheduling to the driver, we thus have the right feel for Europe-wide special add heavy transport.
Our comprehensive services range from assembling the right train and far-reaching transport services such as route investigation, approvals and couriers through to unloading at the destination.
We also handle all the necessary formalities and, if you wish, also take care of all the customs and insurance arrangements.

Schwertransport bei Hess: Spezialtransport eines Containers

Our services at a glance

  • Europe-wide special and heavy transport
  • Selection of the appropriate means of transport
  • Route investigation and route planning
  • Procurement of certificates of exemption
  • Completion of all the necessary formalities
  • Handling of customs and insurance arrangements

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