Machinery transshipment

Optimum warehouse logistics for heavy goods

Maschinenumschlag : Umladung von Schwergut für den Weitertransport

In freight-forwarding, the transshipment of goods refers to the movement of items to the transport route – if necessary in connection with interim storage. Transshipment is often also necessary because goods cannot be transported immediately by a freight carrier. When transshipping machines and heavy goods, the logistics demands are higher than with traditional goods transshipment.
We offer you the best conditions for storage at our locations in Düsseldorf and Neuss – with suitable transshipment and storage facilities for all types of item. Furthermore, all our warehousing is equipped with heavy lifting gear and plentiful coupling facilities.


Maschinenumschlag via Autokran auf Tieflader

Our services at a glance

  • Transshipment of machines and heavy goods
  • Warehouse logistics designed around machinery transshipment
  • Short and long-term storage
  • Conservation and packaging

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