Heavy Assembly

Tailored assembly concepts

Hydraulisches Hubgeruest fuer Schwermontagen

Heavy assembly demands solutions that are as complex as they need to be and as simple as they need to be. In particular when it comes to the cross-transport of particularly heavy machine parts and lifting over-sized components, a tailored assembly concept is important – one that is a perfect combination of the right means of transport and lifting tools.
We not only have wide-ranging experience in working with heavy loads, we also have the equipment needed. Depending on the project and specification, as well as hydraulic lifting gear, pick & carry cranes and mobile cranes, we also use a wide range of cross-transport systems and heavy-duty rollers.
So we can transport and assemble machines and components for you up to 100 tonnes.


Mobilkran wie er bei Schwermontagen einer Anlage genutzt wird

Our solutions at a glance

  • Pick & carry cranes
  • Mobile cranes
  • Lifting equipment
  • Air cushion transports
  • Heavy-duty rollers
  • Heavy goods vehicles

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