Foundation activities during company relocations

Perfect basis for machine installation

Arbeiter bei Fundamentarbeiten

We believe that complete execution of your company relocation is not just about safely transporting your machines and plant, it also includes professional installation. In concrete terms that means: We are happy to handle the foundations activities for you.
This includes the positional calibration of machine installation elements as well as all related tasks – such as drilling core holes, pouring and under-pouring your machines with special mortar and sealing and coating floors.
Where necessary, our partner companies also handle the planning of machine foundations and take into account all the specifications such as bearing strength, tilt, permitted deformations and settlement, backed by an understanding of structural design and build dynamics.


Fundamentarbeiten in einer Halle eines Kunden

Our services at a glance

  • Positional calibration
  • Erecting of machine foundations
  • Drilling of core holes
  • Pre-installation of guide fields
  • Pouring an under-pouring with special mortar
  • Concrete and formwork activities
  • Floor coating and sealing

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