Dis- and reassembly during company relocations

A clear system for maximum reliability

Einmessung für Remontage einer Maschine nach vorheriger Demontage

Company relocations are always based on the scope of the assembly work. Our assembly experts work according to a clearly defined system, allowing Hess to complete the relocation of machinery and plant of all types.
Seamless documentation of the mechanical and electrical components and their disassembly according to Hess assembly keys guarantee secure completion. The machines and plant to be relocated are disassembled systematically into transportable units and prepared for transport. If complete disassembly is not necessary or feasible, the focus is on the idea size for transportation. For installation at the new location, the particular aspects of the construction type of the machines and plant are considered at the project planning stage.
As such, we create optimum conditions for on-time handover at your new location.


Mitarbeiter bei der Demontage einer Maschine

Our services at a glance

  • Documentation according to Hess assembly keys
  • Electrical dis- and reassembly
  • Mechanical dis- and reassembly
  • Comprehensive assembly equipment
  • Measurement of plant layout
  • Set-up of machine geometry according to manufacturer instructions

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