Company relocation project planning

Precise preparation for smooth processes

Mitarbeiter besprechen Projektierung vor Ort

Every production relocation is as individual as a fingerprint. Which is why we harmonise our modular services with your ideas and the circumstances on-site. Our experienced project management also takes your specific requirements into account and analyses all the particular production-related and process-relevant aspects.

During consultation meetings, we show you all the building blocks needed to ensure successful and efficient execution. Right from the outset, we focus in particular on potentially critical processes – so that ideally, problematic situations simply don’t happen.

The result is a concrete project plan that includes detailed work processes, special services and interfaces. That creates transparency and forms the basis for seamless project workflows.

Nahaufnahme eines Montageplans zur Projektierung

Our services at a glance

  • On-site consultancy meeting
  • Methodical analysis
  • Development of feasibility studies
  • Detailed project and workflow plan
  • Coordination of all processes
  • Experienced project management
  • Fixed point of contact

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