Operating equipment

Modern equipment for every need

In order to offer our customers service-oriented performance at the highest level, we place great emphasis on having a full range of high quality equipment. Our employees work day after day to ensure that we have technically perfect, safe and clean equipment.
We also keep our facilities fully up-to-date by regularly purchasing new transport and assembly equipment.

Our equipment at a glance:

Hooklift and forklift trucks

  • Crane, telescopic and forklift trucks from 1.5 to 25 tonnes
  • Electric, diesel, and gas-powered forklifts
  • Various accessories (including telescopic load hooks)
  • Lifting height 10.5 m

Pick & carry cranes

  • pick & carry cranes from 2.5 to 70 tonnes
  • Mobile cranes up to 80 tonnes
  • Electric, diesel, and gas-powered
  • Wide range of accessories (forklifts & spikes)

Assembly equipment

  • Tools, measuring equipment, lifting equipment, transport vehicles
  • Gondolas, heavy goods façade scaffolding and gantry cranes
  • Beams, spreads and special hitches
  • Hydraulic heavy load rollers up to 120 tonnes
  • Mobile cranes up to 180 tonnes
  • Hydraulic lifting equipment up to 360 tonnes


  • Tractors and heavy-duty tractor units
  • Curtain-side trailers
  • Low-bed, tele and semi trailers
  • Partially curtain-side, extendable to 4.5 m and with drive-on ramps

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  • Office and equipment facilities plus truck spaces across 7,500 m²
  • More than 20,000 m² of outside space
  • Covered heavy goods warehouse across 8,000 m²
  • Heated pre-assembly space across 2,500 m²
  • In-house assembly and vehicle workshop